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The School Environment

How should I behave?

TLG is committed to engaging with you in order to develop behaviour for learning that leads to the best possible achievement for everyone.  This means that we cannot accept behaviour that negatively affects the opportunities for learning in our school.

There are two types of behaviours that are covered in our code of conduct. 

  1. The first is ‘Unacceptable Behaviour’ that will not be tolerated and will have serious sanctions attached. An example of this is what we would term abuse. This is anything such as fighting, assault, aggression towards others and bullying which are all things that make the school an unsafe place to be where others feel frightened. 
  2. The other type is ‘Undesirable Behaviour’ where we will always bring challenge but there may not always be a sanction attached. An example of this type of behaviour is swearing. We don’t want to hear it in our school and so we will work with you to try and reduce it and help you find alternative ways of expressing yourself.

What about bullying?

At TLG we are committed to working together to create an environment where no form of bullying is tolerated. We will encourage and help students to treat each other with respect and kindness, challenge any bullying we see or hear and impose appropriate sanctions for bullying.

If you feel you are being bullied you can speak to a member of staff at any time, or let us know that you have a concern that you want to discuss using My Day or this online form.

If you tell us you are being bullied we will deal with it quickly, sensitively and effectively and help ensure that the bullying does not continue.  We will support you while the issue is being dealt with and afterwards.

How should I stay safe?

It is our highest priority to do everything we can to help you feel safe while you are a student with us at TLG. This means we will do what we can to care for you and protect you from harm, provide a safe and healthy school environment and act on concerns that you or we have.

Staying safe online

When using the internet, either at TLG or elsewhere, we recommend you follow these simple steps to help protect yourself:

1.  Do not post any personal information online including your phone number, address, passwords or your school.
2.  SPEAK UP! If you viewed something online that made you anxious, unsafe or uncomfortable, please speak to an adult that you trust.
3.  If you do not know someone, why are they "your online friend" or "follower"?
4.  Privacy settings should always be kept to a maximum. Use the search engines on social networking websites to find out how to do this.
5.  Think carefully when "posting" or "sharing" a photo online. Remember, once a photo is posted online, people will be able to share or download the photo.    

If you are worried about your own safety or welfare, or the safety and welfare of someone else, you can speak to any member of staff.  You can do this even if your concern involves the conduct of another member of staff.

Alternatively, you can report a concern here and a member of staff will get back to you. 

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