TLG North Birmingham

Welcome to TLG North Birmingham

We are an independent school that helps young people aged 11-16 who are at crisis in their educational experience.  As a reflection of our underpinning Christian ethos our practice is to uphold and encourage respect, care, love, acceptance and belonging among our staff and students.

TLG’s programmes are designed to help individuals grow in confidence, raise their aspirations and reach their full potential - providing building blocks for a better life. We seek to engage young people on pathways to learning with accredited outcomes, that facilitate reintegration back into school, or progression on to further education or employment with training.

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"The school is very effective at achieving its aims of developing pupils' self-esteem and ensuring they make good academic progress."
"Leaders and staff work together as a highly effective team. They are ambitious ... aspirational and have high expectations for their pupils."
"Behaviour is well managed. The behaviour of many pupils has improved significantly over time."
"Leaders have established a strong culture of safeguarding."
"Pupils make accelerated progress ... in writing and mathematics [and] good progress across the wider curriculum.".

- Ofsted, October 2017

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