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Surprise Ofsted visit!

Monday 14th January 2019

In November, we had a surprise no-notice Ofsted inspection where two inspectors came to see how well we were meeting fire safety regulations; they also looked briefly at other things while they were here, like if we keep our young people safe generally. I am pleased to say that Ofsted have released their report and they are happy that we meet all the standards that were checked during the inspection! 

Our students were amazing on the day, and worked well in their lessons and mostly displayed calm behaviour throughout, which is to be commended given the surprise of having Ofsted at the front door. Two students were also asked to demonstrate to the inspector whether they knew how to get out of the building if there was a fire in different areas of the building, and they were very impressed with both their knowledge of fire safety procedures and their mature attitude.

This was not a full inspection; our most recent full inspection was in October 2017 where we were given good in all areas (the report is available on this website).  However, it's always great to get an external recognition of how hard our students work at TLG and how well our team runs the school!