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Remembrance Day

Tuesday 6th November 2018

This week we are basing lots of our Maths and English lessons around Remembrance Day. In today's English lesson the students wrote short speeches responding to two footballers in the news who have refused to wear a poppy, and we were incredibly proud of their mature, intelligent responses to this topic, especially considering their age (12-14). There are some examples below:
"I think that you should wear poppies, due to the fact, the poppy is a symbol of respect to the soldiers who died during battle and it shows respect to injured war veterans and injured war heroes." 
"I think that you are right [not to wear a poppy] because it reminds you of a conflict what happened in your country, and it's your choice not to wear a poppy."
"I think that you are entitled to your own opinion and others should respect your choice not to wear a poppy as you have a genuine reason to not wear one. I understand (and as should others) that you don't have a good view of British soldiers because they left your home town in devastation. However, if you come over to Britain you should respect the culture and beliefs of the nation so I can also see why it would anger people."
"I think you should wear poppies to remember those who died at war for us, to be respectful, [and] to respect our country and culture. Don't you think you should wear poppies?"