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Reintegration success stories!

Tuesday 9th October 2018

At TLG our specialism is short term placements of around 2 terms aimed at enabling a young person to return to school, having had focused support to improve their behaviour and Maths & English skills and becoming more engaged with learning generally through our broad curriculum. Students don't attend on Wednesdays, and often spend time at their referring school, usually to help reintegration in the end.
Two of our students have made improvements recently on their behaviour at school, showing the impact that their time at TLG is having beyond our walls. One has recently been allowed to move from only small-group work on Wednesdays to a whole morning in normal lessons, in which they behaved well enough to stay in all the lessons last week. Another has been on full days of normal lessons on Wednesdays for their whole placement here but would frequently receive detentions or be put in isolation there; their last 3 weeks before the summer they had 3 good Wednesdays in a row without any detentions, building up some good momentum to take into this academic year. We're excited to see how these success stories will continue to develop and are excited to see our young people flourish back in mainstream school!