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Awards Afternoon

Monday 16th July 2018

To celebrate the achievements of our students this year, we had an Awards Afternoon. All our students received awards from staff for things such as 'most improved' and 'best attendance', and also more humorous awards such as 'most likely to become a politician' and 'biggest comedian'! We invited parents/carers and teachers from referring schools, and it was wonderful to join together and celebrate our young people and how far each of them had come. 
Another highlight of the event was a video made by the students entitled "a day in the life at TLG", with interviews of staff and students as well as a montage of various aspects of the school day - it was both entertaining and informative, and an excellent example of independent student-led work. The main highlight was each student delivering a presentation on their 'business plan', meaning their plan for their future which included what they were like when they came to TLG, how they will get back to school, how they would like their relationships with family, friends and teachers to look, and their financial plan for the next 3 years. Every student delivered their presentation in front of this relatively large audience, even those who have historically struggled with confidence and can be withdrawn, which was amazing to see.
What I loved the most, though, was how involved the students were in planning and running the event. I gave students a budget and they chose and  purchased all the decorations, equipment, and food and drink. Each student had a role on the day, from technical adviser to welcome team member, and in this way they truly made it their event.