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Letter Back to School

Thursday 21st June 2018

One of our students has written an amazing letter back to their referring school (names and specifics edited out):
We were so impressed with their ability to create such an excellent piece of writing almost independently, and their ability to be so self-reflective on their behaviour!
I am writing to you in the hope that I can help you with the decision about me coming back to your school. There are four main reasons why I think you should let me back into your school, which I will outline below.
In the 6 weeks I have been at TLG I have been working on improving my behaviour. I believe I have improved a lot at following teacher’s instructions and staying on task. This is shown by the Class Dojo points: on my first week at TLG I only had 74% of good behaviour but that percentage has gone up to 93% this week. This change has been consistent, in the first month at TLG my percentage of good behaviour was only 77% whereas this month it has gone up to 88% and if I continue this behaviour, with the help of staff, (which I plan to) this percentage will go up.
Coming back to your school would benefit me because I would be able to do my GCSE’s in the best environment for me, I realise that my GCSE results will effect my whole future and the career I will have, the job I would like to do takes a lot of hard work and effort to get there so I am willing to put in that effort to help me achieve my goal.
 Also I have now got an improved attitude towards work and school. James (the head teacher at TLG) said in my last meeting that ‘I almost always respect staff and follow staff instructions first time’. I have made changes to my attitude because when I was at mainstream school I was often rude to teachers and just did what I wanted to do not what I needed to do. James also said when another student from your school started at TLG I was a good role model for them, because he only knew two of us so I knew that if we messed about he would copy us as he would think that is the way to act at TLG.
Finally, accepting me back into your school would benefit the school because when Ofsted come to assess you can use me as an example of the behaviour process that you use. Showing that you genuinely care about the student’s futures and gave us a chance to improve ourselves rather than giving up and permanently excluding us, which most other schools would have done.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please consider my points and I would appreciate a direct response to myself, if possible.