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"TLG has given me a new outlook on life.” Year 11 student

Thursday 23rd November 2017


We love feedback at TLG, and as part of that we love sharing positive feedback!
Here are some things students have said:
- “TLG has helped me with my anger issues and my timidness in life. They taught me that no-one needs to take me down to their level and instead I should bring them up to my level and be more mature. TLG has given me a new outlook on life.” (Year 11 student).
- "It helped me with my personal life by telling me I don’t need to get in trouble with the police. And it taught me that nobody should bring me down. Thank you TLG.” (Year 8 student).
Here are some things parents have said:
- "I don't know what you're doing but you're changing my child!"
- "This is the first time [my child] has enjoyed going to school."
- "[My child's] behaviour at home has improved greatly these past few weeks and I am so pleased with their progress. I really think you guys have made all the difference."

If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please do get in touch!